Inspire 1/2 - Matrice 100 propeller adapters

When you fly your multi-thousand-dollars worth of drone and camera, you just want to concentrate on the flight path, keeping the machine away from dangers. You don't want to worry about things that could break or fall apart!


Fly safe!

DJI Inspire 1 first quick-release propellers were so unsafe that they had to be removed from market after just three days from launch, only to be replaced with an over-engineered quick mount system that inspires no trust at all - and also made some casualties too in term of unplanned crash landings.
Inspire 2 managed to replicate the bad quality by having props rattling in the mount...

Our solid mounting system ensures no prop will ever detach from its motor, even when ESC is applying full braking power in extreme flight conditions.

Go for Carbon Fiber, now!

Stronger, stiffer, silent: carbon fiber propellers perform up to 25% better than traditional plastic props, wooden props or even CFRP props.

This leads to a more efficient flight, snappier response and quiet operation in every condition, giving those extra minutes of air time that can make the difference when the battery gauge is approaching the lower third.


Poor quality is not an option

For a product like this, that has to spin up to 10k RPM, precision is the key; every imperfection introduces vibrations, that leads to noise, premature wear on motor bearings and in some cases, issues to the flight control unit.

We designed the mount to be fully symmetrical around its spinning axis; with a tolerance under 0,02mm, there's no risk of vibration, even at higher RPM ranges.

All you need is there

There's no annoying thing such as having your goods in hand, and not being able to install and use them because you lack that tiny screwdriver or key!

With our products, we always include all the tools you need to mount them, so you'll be ready to go in no time!


Installation video tutorial