Inspire 1 / Matrice 100 folding carbon fiber propellers

Safe, solid and portable: your drone deserves these!


Reliability is the key

When you fly your multi-thousand-dollars worth of drone and camera, you just want to concentrate on the flight, keeping away from dangers; you don't want to have to worry about things that could break or fall apart!

DJI's first quick-release propellers were so unsafe that the Inspire 1 had to be held from sales just three days after launch, and propellers had to be replaced with an over-engineered quick mount system that inspires no trust at all - and also made some casualties in term of crash "landings".

Always with you

Transporting your Inspire has never been so easy!
Just fold and lock the propellers with the provided brackets, and you're ready to rush to the next filming location.

No time wasted in putting on and removing the propellers, struggling to get them off because of cold hands, or risking breaking them due to dirt getting into the locking mechanism. With a simple trim of the foam inserts of the original case, the drone can easily slide into its bag with the propellers firmly locked in their folded position by provided brackets.


High precision

Rotor speed on 3510 motors reach up to 10k RPM, so precision is the key; every imperfection introduces vibrations, that leads to noise, premature wear on motor bearings and in some cases, issues to the flight control unit; this is why every propeller is dynamically balanced and tested for smooth flight experience.
The mounts are machined from 7075 aeronautical Aluminum alloy (Ergal), by world-leading 5 axes Hermle CNC milling machines, within 20 microns of tolerance.

Stiff and durable

This solid mounting system ensures no prop will ever detach from its motor, even when ESC is applying full braking power in extreme flight conditions.
The folding mechanism is robust and dust resistant, so you won't experience degradation or wear of the materials like in DJI original quick lock solution.
No service, no maintenance: put them on and you'll forget them!


Original case mod